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AirLink Wireless Internet Service

The Next Generation of High-Speed Access - Available Now!

Broadband wireless access is a next-generation technology that is quick to install, cost-effective, fast, and reliable.

The AirLink high-speed data network employs the most advanced, broadband wireless technology available today. Operating in both the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz frequency ranges, the AirLink network currently covers over 100 square miles in and around Sapulpa, Mounds, Kellyville, Kiefer and Beggs. Take advantage of new services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) from Vonage or magicJack or use Skype to stay connected with friends and family. The next generation of high-speed internet is available NOW!

Easy Installation

To connect you to the internet, we install a small antenna on the roof or side of your home or office. The antenna is pointed at one of our local towers, establishing your wireless internet connection. Your connection is always on and you never have to disconnect because you or your kids need to use the phone. Your internet connection can be shared among multiple computers in your home or office by using a wireless router. Depending on your location and surroundings, professional installation can be as little as $149.00 complete. In some situations, additional mounting hardware might be required at an additional cost. A FREE site survey will determine the exact cost of your installation.

Fiber Optic Backbone

AirLink owns and operates the largest dedicated internet network in our service area

AirLink owns and operates the largest dedicated internet network in our service area. We utilize a fiber optic connection for our backbone which can provide over 10Gbps of bandwidth with latencies less than 50ms. Our state of the art equipment converts optical data into wireless signals which are broadcast from our transmission towers to your home or office.

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Get Connected Today!

To get started we will need to perform a site survey that allows us to verify that your location can receive the signals from our wireless transmitters. During this survey we will take measurements of the signals strength and direction to find out if our service is available at your location. The site survey is completely free with no obligation on your part. Just fill out our online form and we will contact you!